Katy Perry and Taylor Swift: Together at the MTV Video Music Awards?

Rumor has it that the girls will sing together!

It seems that Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are about to prove that there is no more bad blood between her. According to several rumors that come from everywhere, both singers could find themselves on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards.

The BBC says Katy and Tay will meet on the stage of the MTV Video Music Awards to give us an epic performance, and to end their lawsuit for years.

Is it true? Will the world end?

“Katy is hosting the MTV VMAs this year she hopes to win some prizes, and reportedly could sing along to Taylor during the ceremony.” Ensures the middle.

So far nothing is confirmed, but the fans are already hallucinating with the great news and not for less. Recall that between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift there is a fairly large rivalry that has lasted for many years.

After the attack in Manchester , Katy Perry lamented being distanced and in a kind of war with Taylor Swift as the world needed ” more love, forgiveness and understanding .” While the blonde did not say anything at the time, there are strong rumors that peace between them will be signed at the 2017 MTV Music Awards as a demonstration before the youth that hatred of the other brings nothing good.

According to the BBC , rumors indicate that Katy will share the lead of the awards along with Taylor, at least during some sections of the ceremony. The role of the singer of “Roar” as host of the event had already been announced a few days ago, so we will have to wait for the awards ceremony this August 27 to see what happens between them. Recall that the singers had several differences and cross accusations .

After the attack on the Ariana Grande recital in Manchester , Perry – who was part of a show for the benefit of the victims – said in an interview : “We can [she and Taylor] be an example of strong women who join in spite Of her differences, the world will think she can do it too. Maybe I do not agree with everything she does and she does not like everything I do, but what is really important is to come together to that place of love and forgiveness , Understanding and compassion … There are many other things in the world that people need to be focused on. God bless you in your way, may God bless you, honestly.


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Watching T-Pain perform in 2017 is no little display. The veteran of innumerable components and club hits of his own, 31-year old vocalist conveys immense steez to a celebration arrange, and totally more Billboard hits than you understand. He even attempted to check.

“I experienced the entire Billboard Hot 100 lineup,” he declared halfway through his Aug. 20 Sun Stage evening set. “Also, I’m the one with the most number ones in general rundown.” (Full divulgence, we haven’t reviewed this claim yet.) T-Pain has weathered innumerable patterns crosswise over hip-bounce, R&B, and Top 40 radio and has remained winning as the years progressed, even as gushing assumed control over the space and censured up and spat a lot of his associates. He put the adolescents in a furor with “Turn Down For What,” at that point shut his set with the 2009 Maino crush, “All the Above.” Who else can do that?

It’s very worth featuring how youthful T-Pain’s group was. It totally stuffed the Sun Stage grounds (DJ Khaled’s set completion on the adjacent fundamental stage minutes sooner unquestionably helped) and despite the fact that a great part of the demo appeared as though it was in primary school when “I’m Sprung” down and out the main 10 of the Hot 100 out of 2005, they were there to rep it completely. They shook hard however T-Pain’s numerous, many hits from that period, including his own “Get You a Drank (Shawty Snappin’),” Kanye West’s “Great Life,” Chris Brown’s “Kiss,” and Flo Rida’s “Get Low,” yet another T-Pain No. 1.


[WordPress] MTV Video Music Awards 2017 Live Stream online free

[WordPress] MTV Video Music Awards 2017 Live Stream online

[WordPress] MTV Video Music Awards 2017 Live Stream